A New Training Session Is Just Around The Corner? 

It is the time of year when the race season is drawing to a close, the days become shorter and the weather becomes increasingly miserable. Your year's training is now coming to a climax and it's time for some well-deserved rest.  


What we are actually approaching is the beginning of mind-over-matter training. We are approaching the cold dark runs, the never-ending turbo sessions, the "should-I?/shouldn’t-I?" long rides. These training sessions are mentally, the most challenging training sessions of the year. 

But why do it alone?  


There has been activity on the club Facebook page over the past couple of weeks where club

members had the opportunity to vote for the discipline and the weekly time slot for a new training session. 

Rossall Triathlon Club have taken these votes on board and will commence with a brand new training session as of Thursday 14th September at 19:00. Those cold dark runs mentioned earlier? They are now cold dark runs in the company of a bunch of other pretty crazy athletes, who are committed to giving themselves the best possible start to event training in 2018.  


The first training session (14/09/2017) will be a handicap event, consisting of a 5km out-and-back course along Fleetwood promenade. The remaining weeks will consist of hill training on The Mount, group fartlek runs, and chain-gang sprints. More information of the training sessions will be posted on the Facebook page, which you can find the link to at the bottom of this page.  


It has also been noted that the bike time trial was a popular option so plans will be drawn up to commence these as the weather begins to improve in 2018. However, for safety reasons (open roads) and finding the fastest possible course, this will take a bit longer to set up. 


All the best for any remaining races, and I hope to see new and existing members down to the new session soon. 



Head Coach