Tadcaster Tri

Tadcaster Sprint Tri - Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2019.

Tadcaster is a market town and civil parish in the Selby district of North Yorkshire, England, 3 miles east of the Great North Road, 12 miles north-east of Leeds, and 10 miles south-west of York.

This race was recommended to Lauren so I thought oh well why not, let's both do it. Ideal for novices and experienced triathletes - 400m pool swim, a picturesque bike route (14k) and a safe flat run (7k). Sounds great that but far from flat !! We both had decent start times for a change 11.15 am for myself and 12.00 pm for Lauren. At the  poolside briefing they stated the bike course was undulating - of course I should have known better than to think anything is flat in Yorkshire !!

They set us off on the swim 4 per lane a 5 second intervals which ended up as carnage. Lets just say there was a lot of toe tapping going on but after 100m I was back in front and first to leave the lane in 7.42 mins. Lauren had a similar problem and still had a fantastic swim time of 6.02 mins. Now another tricky part and one we've never experienced and this is why it's important to always do a recce. The transition was further down the road at least 400m along a busy footpath and across a busy main road - so trainers were needed for this section too.

Onto the bike, picturesque yes - if you were not chewing your handle bars on the undulating sections !! At least the weather held out for me but Lauren got caught in a hailstone shower - ouch. At least what goes up comes down and it was a pretty short bike course.

Onto the run - first mile was on the road side of the bike course so straight up and down (undulating) before a right turn into what, hold on fields, am I still on the right course !! No one mentioned x/country through gates and over bridges with steep drops on the trail part of the run. At least I had a couple of people to chase down where as Lauren decided to take a slightly longer route before realising the cows in the field didn't look to happy and turned back to get on the correct route !!

All in all not a bad race - it wasn't broken down into age categories and just first 3 male/female for prizes. Lauren was 7th and I was 18th out of 105 females.

I'm still not sure whether I loved or hated this race !! Lauren I think wasn't to keen on the run terrain. The top three ladies were amazing and smashed it  on the run course.