RTC are back in the pool!

Its been a long 20 months, but RTC are finally back in the pool. Thanks to the efforts of our beloved chairman Nige Brook, we secured a regular weekly session on a Thurday at 20:30 - 21:30 at Fleetwood YMCA swimming pool. 

It is a shame to loose our place at Rossall school as it is a place that the club has called home for over 10 years, but at fleetwood YMCA, we have a new home with good facilities and more space for our great members. 

The first session took place on the 11th November, and what a great turnout we had - 17 smiling faces turned up to take part in the very first RTC - Fleetwood YMCA coached session. There were RTC regulars returning after the hiatus, and plenty of new faces as well - some from other local clubs. 

The session started by sorting into lanes so that everyone was training with similar ability levels. Coaches Dom & Lesley set the swimmers off on steady warm-ups, before beginning some technique drills, building pace and effort and finishing with a challenging final set. 

It was great to see so many enthused athletes following the session, all of whom were excited to return for the following weeks session. 

Being back in this community environment was a amazing feeling after the long slog through COVID restrictions, and long may the RTC spirit continue. 

See you all on the poolside next week